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How to Update Your Old Oven

Read this guide for how to update your old oven. An electric oven that is not working properly, or not working at all, is not a hopeless case. There are only a few components inside an electric oven, so there are a limited number of possibilities when it comes to troubleshooting. An oven is an insulated unit with a thermostat and a heating element. It is a matter of identifying the problem and fixing it, usually by replacing the part that is not functioning properly.

  1. First: First check for power

    If the oven is not producing any heat at all, the problem is more than likely a burnt out element, a blown fuse or tripped circuit. Unless you have an antique oven, there is a clock on it. If the clock is not running, the problem is that the unit is not getting electricity. Go to the fuse box or breaker box and either replace the fuse or reset the breaker. If this does not repair the problem, turn off power to the oven at the box before continuing. For a circuit breaker, look for a double switch or two single switches to cut off the power to the oven.

  2. Second: Inspect the heating elements

    If there is power going to the oven, but it is not getting hot, inspect the broiler and oven units. Begin with the oven element, which is used more frequently and, therefore, more likely to experience a failure. Turn the oven on, and look to see if the whole heating element is glowing evenly. Do this again with the broiler element. If there are areas that appear damaged and melted or the unit is not glowing uniformly, replace this part. Put in the new element the same way the old one was installed. Put on any brackets you removed, then turn the power back on and try out the new element.

  3. Third: Check the thermostat

    To check whether the thermostat is functioning properly, place an oven thermometer inside the oven, then turn the heat to 300, 400 and then 500 degrees. If the thermostat is showing an error of 50 degrees at each temperature change, a new thermostat is needed. Have a professional replace the thermostat.